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By Philip Athans

The New York occasions best-seller, now in paperback!

This paperback version of the New York occasions best-selling name expands the civil
upheaval one of the drow, one of the most well-liked races within the Forgotten
setting. Best-selling writer R.A. Salvatore wrote the prologue to
Annihilation and keeps to refer to at the sequence, lending his services as
the writer who introduced drow society to the vanguard of the Forgotten Realms

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Pharaun marveled at how outdated she appeared. The excessive priestess had elderly many years some time past tenday, and exhaustion used to be undeniable in her heavy-lidded eyes and blunt mood. Pharaun couldn’t examine her, so he seemed down on the flooring of the plaza. He scuffed his boot via brown-powdered stone. “I was once wrong,” the grasp of Sorcere stated. He might consider the others him, may experience their shock, yet he didn’t search for. “This didn’t occur a century in the past. This position was once destroyed … no, a conflict was once fought right here, and it used to be fought a millennium previous a minimum of. no less than. ” “How are you able to say that, wizard? ” requested the draegloth. “You have been simply the following. Weren’t you? Isn’t this a similar position Tzirik introduced you? ” Pharaun nodded and stated, “It is certainly, Jeggred, however the truth is still that what we see throughout us is an historic break, the corpse of a battlefield that’s lain chilly for one thousand years or extra. ” “We have been merely simply here,” stated Valas. “We aren’t within the Underdark anymore, grasp Hune,” acknowledged Pharaun. “Time may perhaps circulation very another way right here, in suits and begins like distance within the Shadow Deep. this may all be extra phantasm than genuine, the whim of Lolth or another godly strength. it may be that we easily see a break the place there's not anything, see a spoil the place there's actually an intact temple, or every thing we see is actual and made a millennium previous via an influence so enormous that it might probably control time and topic and the æther itself. ” “The Spider Queen isn’t here,” Valas additional. “If the priestesses say that she isn't here,” Pharaun spoke back, “then I’m content material to think that’s precise. ” The grasp of Sorcere seemed up on the huge, immense open doorway, sufficiently big for residence Baenre to go through it intact. The others his gaze. “These doorways have been sealed close before,” Pharaun acknowledged, “but now they’re open. Why? ” “Because Lolth wishes us to step via them,” Danifae stated, her voice sporting a walk in the park that stunned Pharaun. “Who else may have opened them? ” Pharaun shrugged and checked out Quenthel, who was once nodding slowly. “We move on,” the excessive priestess acknowledged. with out a look on the others, Quenthel walked towards the tremendous doorway. one after the other the others undefined: Danifae, then Jeggred, then Pharaun, and Valas on the rear. every one stepped extra reluctantly than the final. at the planes of chaos there have been such a lot of names for it, Aliisza didn’t be mindful all of them: temporal flux zones, slipped time layers, millennia sinks…. It were a long time due to the fact she’d noticeable one, and it took her virtually as lengthy to achieve what used to be taking place. The sixty-sixth layer of the Abyss have been deserted. The glue that held the planes jointly was once the gods themselves, and within the planes of chaos, simply as within the planes of legislations, whilst all of the gods left a specific position, entropy improved in matches and starts off, or even chaos itself spiraled uncontrolled. in relation to the sixty-sixth layer, there has been the remainder of the Abyss to carry it jointly and to supply echoes of its previous that have been powerful sufficient to maintain its actual form—in that there nonetheless was once a sixty-sixth layer.

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