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By Logan Bonner, Eytan Bernstein, Peter Lee

New recommendations for wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, bards, and swordmages...

This tome specializes in the arcane heroes: characters who wield unusual and mysterious spells and depend on their mastery of magic for survival.

This e-book presents new archetypal builds for the wizard, warlock, sorcerer, bard, and swordmage periods, together with new personality powers, feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies.

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Fey Pact: you furthermore mght knock the objective providers. Zutwa's Incandescence Warlock assault 27 You shine with the li8ht ofZutwa's existence strength, which ovenvhelms your foes' imaginative and prescient. stumble upon" Arcane, enforce, Radiant typical motion shut burst 2 aim: each one enemy in burst assault: structure vs. Will Hit: 2d8 + structure modifier radiant harm, and the objective is blinded until eventually the tip of your subsequent flip. Vestige Pact: the objective takes a -2 penalty to saving throws till the tip of your subsequent flip. Warlock assault 29 A wall of blackflame risesfrom the ground at your behest. It protects you whereas unleashin8 80uts offire onfoes. day-by-day" Arcane, Conjuration, enforce, hearth average motion region wall three inside 1 sq. impression: You conjure a wall of flame that's as much as three squares excessive and lasts until eventually the top of the come across. The wall blocks line of sight. coming into a wall sq. charges three additional squares of stream. each one creature that begins its flip in the wall's house takes 2dl zero + your structure modifier hearth harm, and any creature except you that starts off its flip adjoining to the wall takes 1 dl zero + your structure modifier fireplace harm. As a circulation motion, you could flow the wall to an area adjoining to you. as soon as in keeping with around, you can also make the subsequent assault, which needs to contain a minimum of 2 wall squares within the blast. Minor motion shut blast three aim: every one creature in blast assault: structure vs. Reflex Hit: 2dl zero + structure modifier hearth harm. Vestige of the grasp of the Hidden Flame Warlock assault 29 You name at the vesti8e of the spellcaster known as the grasp of the Hidden Flame. Throu8 h him, you burn foes via strength of will. -LEVEL 29 day-by-day SPELLS association of affliction Forbiddance of the 9th Warlock assault 29 just like the nonetheless aspect in a hurricane, you stand on the heart of a burst of astral strength that tears your enemies throu8h house whereas arran8in8 your allies to occupy the main advanta8eous positions. day-by-day" Arcane, enforce, Teleportation common motion shut burst five objective: every one enemy in burst assault: air of mystery vs. Will Hit: 3d8 + aura modifier harm, and also you teleport the objective to a different house in the burst. impression: You teleport each one best friend in the burst to a different house in the burst. day-by-day" Arcane, fireplace, enforce common motion Ranged 1 zero goal: One creature assault: structure vs. Fortitude Hit: Sdl zero + structure modifier fireplace harm. leave out: part harm. Vestige Pact: You achieve entry to the vestige of the grasp of the Hidden Flame. grasp of the Hidden Flame Pact Boon: each one enemy cursed via you and inside five squares of you takes ongoing five hearth harm (save ends). Eyes of the Vestige increase: Your eyes of the vestige objective takes ongoing five hearth harm (save ends). Vestige ofZuriel Eyes of the sufferer Warlock assault 29 From ma8ie, you craft an historical conta8ion to devour away your foes'si8ht. day-by-day" Arcane, enforce, Necrotic common motion Ranged 1 zero objective: One creature assault: air of secrecy vs. Reflex Hit: 3dl zero + air of secrecy modifier necrotic harm.

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