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By Helaine Selin, Sun Xiaochun

Astronomy throughout Cultures: A background of Non-Western Astronomy includes essays facing the astronomical wisdom and ideology of cultures outdoors the U.S. and Europe. as well as articles surveying Islamic, chinese language, local American, Aboriginal Australian, Polynesian, Egyptian and Tibetan astronomy, between others, the publication contains essays on Sky stories and Why We inform Them and Astronomy and Prehistory, and Astronomy and Astrology. The essays handle the connections among technological know-how and tradition and relate astronomical practices to the cultures which produced them. every one essay is easily illustrated and includes an huge bibliography. as the geographic diversity is worldwide, the e-book fills a spot in either the heritage of technological know-how and in cultural experiences. it's going to discover a position at the bookshelves of complex undergraduate scholars, graduate scholars, and students, in addition to in libraries serving these teams.

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