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By Mark Anthony

The evil Zhentarim try to take over the richest of the Caravan towns, and Harper agent Mari Al'Marin and ex-Harper Caledan try and foil the depraved plot. by way of the writer of Kindred Spirits. unique. 100,000 first printing.

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A faint smile touched the phantom’s lips. Ferret took a timid breakthrough, notwithstanding he stored on the subject of Caledan. “You aren’t offended that we’ve … ah, disturbed your everlasting relaxation, are you? ” the thief requested in a tremulous voice. The phantom laughed, a haunting but gorgeous sound, just like the name of a far away horn. “Fear now not, my strong, crafty rogue. the single chance that awaited thee at my tomb lies now on the backside of the precipice, fairly useless, as i would good comprehend. not more damage will come to thee, at the least now not during this position. ” Caledan controlled to regain a semblance of composure. He nodded in solemn appreciate, then dared to talk back. “Then you recognize why it truly is we have now come looking your tomb, Talembar. ” Slowly Talembar nodded. “Yes, i know. yet i will not inform thee the key of the shadow music, Caldorien. For the easy cause that i've got forgotten it. ” “Forgotten it? ” Caledan stated incredulously. “But how might you put out of your mind anything as very important as that? ” “The spirit global is way faraway from ours, Caldorien,” Morhion interposed. “The veil that separates this international from that's heavy and obscuring. ultimately the useless needs to put out of your mind the area of the residing, else they might by no means be capable of depart it at the back of. ” “Alas, what the mage doth communicate is true,” Talembar stated unfortunately. “And i feel had thou arrived a century later than thou hast, i'll now not have come to greet thee in any respect. so much of my thoughts of the daylit global are as though considered via a hazy mist, muted and dimmed through the centuries that experience handed. a couple of thoughts stand out truly like glimmering jewels, yet even those are starting to be fewer. I keep in mind growing the shadow music, Caldorien. I bear in mind taking part in the music upon my pipes to wrest the Nightstone from that being of darkness, the Shadowking. yet unluckily, what the proper notes of the track have been eludes me now. i'm sorry. ” Caledan sighed, swallowing his frustration. there has been little use in shouting at a ghost. “Is there something in any respect you could let us know? ” Mari requested the phantom. “Anything that may support us to appreciate the key of the music? ” The shadow of Talek Talembar paused for an extended second, his grey eyes misplaced in suggestion. He growing to be dimmer because the sunlight sank towards the western horizon. ultimately he made a gesture of remorse. “Of that, i will be able to inform thee not anything other than …” Talembar frowned in focus, then he shook his head. “… other than that thou may well search for its echo within the position the place final it was once performed. that's all. ” The phantom had grown extra obvious and used to be commencing to fade. “Do no longer depression but, Caldorien,” Talembar stated. His voice sounded hole and far-off, as though echoing down a protracted hall of stone. “It is right nice darkness awaits thee underneath this urban you name ‘Iriaebor. ’ i do know, for i've got confronted it. yet I defeated it. it truly is in thy energy to do an analogous, Caldorien, for thou doth own the shadow magic. ” Caledan frowned in puzzlement. “The ‘shadow magic’? You suggest that trick of constructing shadows stream at the partitions? ” Talek Talembar glowered angrily, and for a second Caledan shivered.

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