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Illustrated survey of the nice events of Dada and Surrealism, describing their start and improvement, their philosophies, the artistic endeavors they produced, and their contribution to the artwork of the current.

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From the airborne dirt and dust jacket:
In his seek for the universal hyperlink among
literature and the visible arts. Professor Praz
draws upon the ample proof of lengthy
mutual figuring out and correspondence be­
tween the sister alts even if parallels of
theme and thought are considerable, be is now not
primarily involved with those. really, he
examines the shut dating or air de fanulle
between the expression of the arts m any given
Each epoch has “ its atypical handwriting
or handwritings, which, if one might interpret
them, may show a personality, even a physi­
cal visual appeal. ” even if handwriting is
taught and a few of its features hence
belong to the basic sort of the interval, the
personality of the author does now not fail to pierce
through. anything of the related type, the au­
thor proposes, happens in artwork. The kinship of
literature and portray rests on this circum­
stance: a paintings of paintings, no matter if visible or liter­
ary, needs to use the specific “ handwriting” of
its specific age, even as its originality pierces
through this handwriting.
The likeness among the arts inside of a number of
periods o f background can eventually be traced,
then, to structural similarities— similarities
that come up out of the attribute approach in
which the humans of a definite epoch see and
memorize evidence aesthetically. Mnemosyne, at
once the goddess of reminiscence and the mom
of the muses, hence presides over this view
of ihe arts. In illustrating her iniluence. Pro­
fessor Praz levels commonly via Western
sources, either literary and pictorial. There are
1 2 1 illustrations accompanying the text.
M A R IO P R A Z is Professor of English Lan­
guage and Literature at the collage of
Rome. His prior books contain The Roman­
tic affliction, reviews in Seventeenth-Century
imagery, and The Flaming Heart.
ackct layout via P J. Conkwright

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172), possibly the main enormous -ent's death, pon paintings its Arp. assets, JEAN (HANS) ARP Bell 169 excessive 12C x 19 s < incr . : 1 : ninety three 1 ). Painted wooden, base. property of the artist 1 c inches of his works, inspires a kind a meteorite. An halfway among guy and a notable delusion of a torso, Arp's position because the it affirms This is and and at once an imagery regrettable, for his sculpture of the later thirties the 40's conveys convincingly that during the portray of those years frequently seems fussy. final nice sculptor in a convention that reaches again via Brancusi and Rodin to the Greeks. Ernst's first sculptures of 1934 have been almost discovered The the rounded most sensible sculpture of contemporary generations has derived one other culture, all started by way of Picasso with structions. Arp hinted (fig. 173), yet his collage-con- at those chances of space-enclos- ing instead of space-displacing varieties Ptolemy from it in his remained alien to streams (fig. 174). sinuous his primarily monolithic experience of sculpture. Their attractive, natural shapes wanted purely moderate amendment portray — between and polished stones of the Swiss mountain — via low-relief motor vehicle\ ing or to bare a hidden content material of avian personages and different monsters. This similar bestiary, which inhabited Ernst's darkling "Forest" images of the interval, additionally supplied the icono- Ernst became to sculpture in 1934 whereas traveling in Switzerland with Giacometti. till then he had dedicated almost no attempt to that artwork, at besr or even on the grounds that, just a sporadic and secondary function it in his has performed paintings. graphy of the plaster sculpture he went on of 1934 and accordingly. is girl jean (hans) arp. Drunken Egg Holder. (1928). String and canvas, 26 x 2i five /» inches. assortment Mme oil M. Arp-Hagenbach, Basel (fig. 175), a on jean (hans) arp. Bronze, 24 s - deepest assortment 121 Human inches excessive < 28 s in the autumn oblong plaque on which Concretion on a * do extreme of those a hallucinated visage has inspired itself as 171 one hundred seventy chook to probably the most inches large 21 although around 1 1 it have been Base. (1935). inches deep. jean (hans) arp. 172 36"' s Human Lunar Spectral. inches excessive. assortment Mr. and Mrs. long island (1950). Marble, Nathan Cummings, 173 jean (hans) arp. Ptolemy. (1953). Bronze, forty 2 inches excessive x broad x sixteen" /a inches deep. assortment Mr. and Mrs. William 1 2o"/« inches Mazer, 122 ny a Surrealist Veronica's Handkerchief. Like a unexpected irrational suggestion an aggressively beaked chook extrudes from the brow to distinction with the transfixed anxiousness of the face lower than. regardless of the glorious figurations of those Ernst sculptures, they originated in plaster in of actual gadgets. half from casts and impressions 1 — The desk Is Set (fig. 176) was once most likely derived from an opportunity grouping of gadgets on a desk best that used to be "frozen" by means of casting, a plastic anti- cipation of Spoerri's tableaux-pieges (fig. 78). The as- sembling of Ernst's sculptures constituted a three-d counterpart to the approach he used in his Dada collages, other than that during the sculptures the unique gadgets have been extra hid as their his fantastical beings.

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