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By David Noonan, Ari Marmell

The whole consultant to construction Eberron(R) characters.

The Eberron Player's Guide provides the movie noir global of Eberron from the perspective of the adventurer exploring it. This product contains every thing a participant must create their personality for a D&D(R) crusade within the Eberron environment, together with new feats, new personality powers, new paragon paths and epic destinies, or even a brand new 4th variation model of a vintage Eberron category: the Artificer!

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Bankruptcy five I global of Eberron BRELISH ADVENTURERS Brelish adventurers most of the time concentration their attentions at the nation's borders, considering that so much o f the internal is comparatively secure. Breland c a n be the stepping stone to bigger adventures, although, t h a n ok s to S h a r n and to Breland's proximity to m o r e harmful areas. BRELAND linked abilities while you are from Breland, you could decide upon international relations or perception as your linked ability. D e f e n d e r o f C i v i l i z a t i o n : D r o a a m , Darguun, the Eldeen Reaches, and the M o u r n l a n d stand past Breland's borders. possibly no different civilized zone is surrounded through so m u c h savagery, secret, and hazard. An e n o r m o u s n u m b e r o f Brelish adventurers specialize in this actual truth, devoting themselves to learning and battling a number of o f those threats to Brelish safeguard. Rolevlaying tips: You concentrate on adventures close to Breland's borders, quite in the event that they let you enhance Breland's defenses or weaken its e n e m i e s . you've an issue operating with goblins, orcs, and different creatures you think about enemies. H a r d b o i l e d H e r o : you have noticeable both sides o f civiliza tion, from the classy to the seedy. it's possible you'll dislike the darker points o f society, yet you are in detail acquainted with t h e m . You okay n o w the worst that individuals need to provide, and you've got performed poor deeds to outlive. but you desire, ultimately, to turn out your self larger t h a n the shadows in which you stroll. Rolevlaying counsel: you may have performed much you are not happy with, and you are keen to do it back, even if, even i f you do not admit it to your self, you'll fairly no longer need to. You support others basically for cash or different achieve, yet on your h e a r t o f hearts, you furthermore mght do it for a shot at redemption. SHARN even though half o f the state o f Breland, S h a r n is a society in its personal correct. humans and cultures o f approximately each that you can imagine kind are introduced jointly there. They speak, they do enterprise, they trip jointly, they cross each other in the street, and the result's a real melting pot, probably the single one among the 5 international locations. M e m b e r s o f great or disfavored races who usually are not welcomed in S h a m ' s towers c a n discover a position within the shadows deep b e n e a t h the lofty spires and floating towers that supply the town o f Towers its identify. universal wisdom S h a r n isn't really j u s t the cultural heart of Khorvaire, it is also the e c o n o m i c o n e - a t least so far as its voters are c o n c e r n e d . " I f it c a n be received, it c a n be obtained h e r e " is a c o m m o n asserting one of the city's markets. items and prone come in S h a r n from across the around the items and the S h a r n continent or even sometimes from seas. it truly is an open mystery that now not some of these prone are felony, regardless of the simplest efforts o f Watch. shuttle throughout Sharn, and among its numerous degrees, happens utilizing significant lifts and, for the rich, skycoaches held aloft via magic or pulled through beasts similar to hippogriffs.

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