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By Elaine Cunningham

Danilo Thann joins forces with a perilous enemy to find who's inflicting the traditional ballads--the wealthy reminiscence of noble quests and heroic deeds preserved by way of the Harper bards--to be forgotten or replaced all through Faerun. unique. 75,000 first printing.

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That Garnet might by no means forgive. The Harpers had initially been created, at the very least partly, to maintain culture and shield background, but their efforts have been ever directed to this or that political finish. She may pay off the lords and rulers of their personal coin. enable Khelben and his ilk see what occurred whilst track and historical past not served them and furthered their political video games! discovering her means via Sundabar was once tougher than Garnet had expected. the town in which she rode was once now extra all for trade than paintings, and to her dismay she stumbled on that just one of Anstruth’s unique structures nonetheless stood: a live performance corridor whose stone partitions had survived the passage of time. Rage coursed throughout the bard while she learned that the once-beautiful development were gutted and become a typical warehouse. however, she tied her horse outdoor and made her method to a door behind the construction. inside she came across stacks of lumber, and at one finish of the massive room used to be a workshop built with lathes and bores that reworked wooden into the high quality musical tools for which Sundabar used to be famed. a few unfinished recorders, shawms, and wood flutes lay on quite a few paintings tables, yet she used to be by myself within the mammoth room. the staff had simply left, most likely to take a highsun meal. Garnet’s sharp eyes—part of her inheritance from her elven mother—perceived the blurred and fast fading shadows of heat that they had left in the back of. She had little time to accomplish her activity. Garnet pulled up a low stool and seated herself in the course of the workshop. once more, she started to play the melody that certain magic and tune jointly, making a song the interwoven riddles that shaped the phrases of the spell. whilst the spell was once entire, Garnet picked up her harp and moved quickly into the again alley. Impatient to check her new strength, she set down the harp at the cobblestones and along with her correct hand plucked a unmarried string. Her left hand she flung upward, lightning sizzled upward, disappearing right into a low-hanging financial institution of clouds. The rain begun instantly. Garnet closed her eyes and raised her face to the gentle bathe, smiling as she imagined the response one other such hurricane may reason in Waterdeep. Rain on Midsummer’s Day was once any such infrequent occasion that it was once thought of a dire omen. She might use this superstition to gas the turning out to be discontent in Waterdeep, and he or she could unfold rumors that the freak climate was once as a result of the twisted wizardry of Khelben Arunsun. A small factor, might be, yet Garnet knew that rulers had misplaced prefer for under this. A stinging blow slapped Garnet’s cheek, after which one other. Her eyes snapped open, then widened in disbelief. The rain had grew to become to hail! She ducked again into the entrance of the warehouse, out of how of more and more greater items of ice. because the appalled half-elf watched, the sky darkened to the colour of slate and hail started to acquire at the stone-paved alley. Garnet moved quickly in the course of the warehouse to front put up the place she had left her asperii. She fast untied the worried, battered horse and drew it into the construction, soothing it as most sensible she might with tender phrases and projected psychological assurances.

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