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When Joel turned a clergyman of the recent god Finder, he knew it intended forfeiting the glory and protection of his place as a grasp bard. Now his freedom and his very existence are at stake as powers of evil embroil the clergymen of Finder in a fight opposed to a plot to resurrect the useless god Bane.

With his merely allies the younger freedom fighter Holly Harrowslough, the mysterious winged girl Jas, and the getting older priest Jedidiah, Joel embarks on a project to recuperate the Hand of Bane. His quest leads him from the geographical regions the entire option to the extra-planar urban of Sigil. There Joel needs to depend upon all his braveness, knowledge, and energy to thwart the go back of Bane the Tyrant and rescue the god Finder from coming near near loss of life.

Finder's Bane is the fifteenth in an open-ended sequence of novels concentrating on the Harpers, the key association for stable within the Forgotten nation-states myth world.

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She dropped to 1 knee and bowed her head. “I deliver observe for you from Lathander,” the chook chirped. “He is so much happy with your activities in his identify. You’ve performed in addition to will be anticipated for somebody along with your obstacles. Lathander has selected to gift your efforts with an opportunity to serve him extra. ” “I stay to serve,” Holly whispered modestly. “The Hand of Bane is in Sigil. you need to move there and locate it. ” “I don’t comprehend the way,” Holly stated. The peacock’s tail started to glow brightly and grew as scorching because the solar. The tail flared and have become an arched doorway. A purple gentle, just like the atmosphere solar, glowed within the archway. “Take this door to Sigil,” the peacock’s voice commanded. Holly regarded again on the tarp protect the place Jas rested. “But my good friend is wounded. i need to stay up for aid so she’ll be safe,” the paladin defined. “Come now, Holly Harrowslough,” the chicken acknowledged softly. “Your god wishes your companies. Do you deny your god? ” “I want to make yes my buddy is all right,” the paladin acknowledged. “I will watch over her,” the bird’s voice provided, “even even though she doesn't persist with our grasp. i'm going to determine she awakes adequately. ” “Thank you,” Holly acknowledged. She climbed to the pinnacle of the dune, took a deep breath, and plunged into the red portal. the entrance flashed gold, then remodeled again right into a ruby peacock. the big chicken shrank until eventually it was once the dimensions and form of a cardinal, then hopped as much as the sting of the tarp to observe over Jas’s inert shape. almost immediately after darkish, the winged girl stirred, known as out Holly’s identify, and sat up. She blinked within the darkness, then lay go into reverse to sleep back. Having fulfilled the letter of its promise, the chook flew off towards the east. It omitted a gaggle of human riders, wearing black armor, whose chief wore the golf green and black of Iyachtu Xvim. The riders have been heading west towards Cat’s Gate. on the pace they traveled, they'd succeed in the gate earlier than sunrise. 13 ILSENSINE’S REALM because the spelljammer undergone the gate into the lands past, Joel felt a jolt to his equilibrium. The ship’s bow pitched upward, as though it had encountered a wave at sea. because the send shot up into the sky, Joel fell backward and slid again into the cabin. Jedidiah, who had controlled to snatch the ship’s rail, cried out, “Level her out! ” The ship’s bow got here down, pitched ahead somewhat, then leveled off back. Joel pulled himself shakily to his ft and made his as far back as Jedidiah’s aspect, clinging to the rail like a seasick amateur. The tusk throne within which Walinda sat should have been fixed to the deck, for it remained upright. The priestess clung to the chair’s armrests, taking a look startled. “What was once that? ” Joel requested. Jedidiah pointed again towards the paranormal gate. whereas it have been completely perpendicular to the floor again within the desolate tract, right here it had tilted backward forty-five levels, in order that they had entered the Outlands at a steep attitude when it comes to the earth. “That explains the sand,” Jedidiah muttered. “What? ” Joel requested. “The sand burying the gate again within the desert,” the older priest defined.

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