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By Fred S. Kleiner

As interesting as a true stopover at to the world's recognized museums and architectural websites, GARDNER'S artwork during the a long time: a world background provides a finished, fantastically illustrated journey of the world's nice creative traditions--plus all of the examine instruments you must excel on your paintings historical past direction! effortless to learn and comprehend, this thirteenth variation of the main commonly learn historical past of artwork publication within the English language is the single textbook that features a certain "scale" characteristic (accompanying the book's photos of work and different artistic endeavors) that can assist you greater visualize the particular measurement of the artistic endeavors proven within the booklet. You'll additionally locate fabrics that can assist you grasp the main subject matters speedy and assist you learn to your exams--for instance, "The large Picture" overviews on the finish of each bankruptcy, a different international timeline, and ArtStudy on-line (a loose interactive examine advisor that comes with flash playing cards of pictures and quizzes).

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From the dirt jacket:
In his seek for the universal hyperlink among
literature and the visible arts. Professor Praz
draws upon the considerable proof of lengthy
mutual realizing and correspondence be­
tween the sister alts even supposing parallels of
theme and proposal are ample, be is no longer
primarily involved with those. really, he
examines the shut courting or air de fanulle
between the expression of the arts m any given
Each epoch has “ its unusual handwriting
or handwritings, which, if one may well interpret
them, could show a personality, even a physi­
cal visual appeal. ” even if handwriting is
taught and a few of its features hence
belong to the common sort of the interval, the
personality of the author does now not fail to pierce
through. anything of the related type, the au­
thor proposes, happens in paintings. The kinship of
literature and portray rests on this circum­
stance: a paintings of paintings, even if visible or liter­
ary, needs to use the particular “ handwriting” of
its specific age, even as its originality pierces
through this handwriting.
The likeness among the arts inside numerous
periods o f historical past can eventually be traced,
then, to structural similarities— similarities
that come up out of the attribute method in
which the humans of a definite epoch see and
memorize proof aesthetically. Mnemosyne, at
once the goddess of reminiscence and the mom
of the muses, hence presides over this view
of ihe arts. In illustrating her iniluence. Pro­
fessor Praz levels extensively via Western
sources, either literary and pictorial. There are
1 2 1 illustrations accompanying the text.
M A R IO P R A Z is Professor of English Lan­
guage and Literature at the collage of
Rome. His past books comprise The Roman­
tic anguish, experiences in Seventeenth-Century
imagery, and The Flaming Heart.
ackct layout via P J. Conkwright

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Thomsonrights. com. Any extra questions about permissions should be submitted through email to thomsonrights@thomson. com. Library of Congress keep an eye on quantity: 2007935090 ISBN-13: 978-0-495-11549-6 ISBN-10: 0-495-11549-5 credit seem on pages 538–540, which represent a continuation of the copyright web page. short CONTENTS PREFACE x bankruptcy eleven overdue ANTIQUITY IN T RO D UC T I O N what's paintings heritage? 1 bankruptcy 12 BYZANTIUM bankruptcy 1 paintings ahead of historical past 15 311 bankruptcy thirteen THE ISLAMIC international bankruptcy 2 the traditional close to EAST 31 341 bankruptcy 14 local ARTS OF THE AMERICAS prior to 1300 365 bankruptcy three EGYPT lower than THE PHARAOHS fifty three bankruptcy 15 bankruptcy four AFRICA earlier than 1800 THE PREHISTORIC AEGEAN 393 eighty one bankruptcy sixteen bankruptcy five EARLY MEDIEVAL EUROPE historic GREECE 407 ninety nine bankruptcy 17 bankruptcy 6 RO M A N E S QU E E U RO P E SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST ASIA prior to 1200 157 CHINA AND KOREA TO 1279 181 JAPAN prior to 1333 207 N OT E S credit bankruptcy 10 THE ROMAN EMPIRE 519 BIBLIOGRAPHY 223 INDEX 497 518 thesaurus bankruptcy nine 461 bankruptcy 19 ITALY, 1200 TO 1400 bankruptcy eight 431 bankruptcy 18 GOTHIC EUROPE bankruptcy 7 THE ETRUSCANS 289 530 538 541 237 v CONTENTS PREFACE ❚ WRITTEN resources: Babylon, urban of Wonders forty eight x the massive photo fifty one IN T RO D UC T I O N what's paintings heritage? artwork historical past within the twenty first Century other ways of Seeing 1 bankruptcy three 2 EGYPT lower than THE PHARAOHS fifty three 12 The Predynastic and Early Dynastic classes bankruptcy 1 paintings prior to heritage Paleolithic paintings Neolithic paintings The outdated country 15 15 24 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: development the nice Pyramids 60 22 ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Hatshepsut, the girl Who might 29 Be King the traditional close to EAST 31 32 39 moment Millennium BCE forty three Assyria forty five Neo-Babylonia and Persia seventy nine bankruptcy four THE PREHISTORIC AEGEAN eighty one Cycladic paintings eighty two Minoan artwork eighty four Mycenaean paintings ninety forty seven ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: The Gods and Goddesses of Mesopotamia 33 ❚ fabrics and strategies: Mesopotamian Seals 39 ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Enheduanna, Priestess and Poet forty-one ❚ WRITTEN resources: The Piety of Gudea forty two ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Hammurabi’s legislation Code forty three vi sixty eight the massive photograph bankruptcy 2 Akkad and the 3rd Dynasty of Ur fifty four ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Mummification and Immortality fifty seven ❚ fabrics and strategies: The World’s Oldest Sumer sixty seven ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: The Gods and Goddesses of Egypt ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: artwork within the previous Stone Age 21 the large photograph sixty four First Millennium BCE seventy seven ❚ fabrics and strategies: Paleolithic Cave portray 20 work? fifty nine the center country the hot nation fifty four ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Archaeology, paintings heritage, and the artwork marketplace eighty three ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: The Theran Eruption and the Chronology of Aegean paintings 87 the massive photo ninety seven CHAPTER five old GREECE Geometric and Orientalizing classes Archaic interval bankruptcy 7 ninety nine a hundred one hundred and five Early and excessive Classical sessions past due Classical interval Hellenistic interval 118 137 181 Korea 202 ❚ fabrics and strategies: Shang Bronze-Casting 183 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Daoism and Confucianism 186 one hundred forty five ❚ fabrics and strategies: Silk and the Silk street 188 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: chinese language wood development 189 of Mount Olympus a hundred and one ❚ fabrics and methods: Greek Vase portray 104 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: Greek Temple Plans 109 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: Doric and Ionic Orders one hundred ten ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Herakles, maximum of Greek one hundred twenty ❚ fabrics and methods: Hollow-Casting Life-Size Bronze Statues China 181 ❚ fabrics and methods: chinese language Jade 185 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: The Gods and Goddesses Heroes CHINA AND KOREA TO 1279 122 ❚ fabrics and strategies: chinese language portray fabrics and codecs a hundred ninety ❚ ARTISTS ON paintings: Xie He’s Six Canons 191 ❚ fabrics and methods: chinese language Earthenwares and Stonewares 196 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY Chan Buddhism 201 the massive photo 205 ❚ WRITTEN assets: Polykleitos’s Prescription for the right Statue 124 bankruptcy eight ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: The Hegeso Stele 134 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: The Corinthian Capital a hundred and forty four the large photo one hundred fifty five JAPAN prior to 1333 Japan prior to Buddhism Buddhist Japan bankruptcy 6 SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST ASIA prior to 1200 157 Southeast Asia ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Heian court docket tradition 217 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Heian and Kamakura inventive 219 the large photo 174 161 ❚ WRITTEN resources: Ashoka’s Conversion to Buddhism 162 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: The Stupa 163 ❚ fabrics and methods: The Painted Caves of Ajanta 167 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Hinduism and Hindu Iconography 210 157 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Buddhism and Buddhist Iconography 207 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Shinto 211 Workshops India and Pakistan 207 168 bankruptcy nine THE ETRUSCANS Early Etruscan paintings 224 Later Etruscan artwork 231 179 223 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Etruscan opposite numbers of Greco-Roman Gods and Heroes ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: Hindu Temples 172 the large photo 221 225 ❚ WRITTEN resources: Etruscan Artists in Rome 226 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: The “Audacity” of Etruscan girls 227 the large photo 235 Contents vii CHAPTER 10 bankruptcy 12 THE ROMAN EMPIRE Republic 237 239 BYZANTIUM Early Byzantine paintings Pompeii and the towns of Vesuvius 244 311 312 center Byzantine paintings 327 Early Empire 254 overdue Byzantine artwork excessive Empire 263 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: Pendentives and Squinches 315 past due Empire 276 335 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Theodora, a most original Empress 320 ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: an summary of Roman background 239 ❚ WRITTEN assets: The Emperors of recent Rome 323 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: Roman Concrete building 241 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Icons and Iconoclasm 326 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: paintings for Former Slaves 243 the massive photograph 339 ❚ WRITTEN assets: An Eyewitness Account of the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius 245 bankruptcy thirteen ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: The Roman apartment 247 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: position enjoying in Roman Portraiture 254 THE ISLAMIC global ❚ WRITTEN resources: The Golden condo of Nero 259 Early Islamic artwork 342 ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Spectacles within the Colosseum 260 Later Islamic artwork 352 ❚ WRITTEN resources: Hadrian and Apollodorus of Damascus 269 ❚ fabrics and strategies: Iaia of Cyzicus and the paintings of Encaustic portray 275 341 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Muhammad and Islam 343 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: The Mosque 345 ❚ ARTISTS ON artwork: Sinan the nice and the Mosque of Selim II 354 the massive photo 287 ❚ fabrics and strategies: Islamic Tilework 357 ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Christian Patronage of Islamic artwork 362 bankruptcy eleven past due ANTIQUITY Dura-Europos structure and Mosaics 291 295 304 293 363 bankruptcy 14 local ARTS OF THE AMERICAS earlier than 1300 365 Mesoamerica ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Jewish matters in Christian artwork the massive photograph 289 The Catacombs and Funerary paintings luxurious Arts 289 366 Intermediate sector 379 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: The lifetime of Jesus in artwork 296 South the US 380 ❚ fabrics and methods: Mosaics 303 North the US 387 ❚ fabrics and methods: Medieval Manuscript ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: The Mesoamerican Ball online game 372 Illumination 305 ❚ fabrics and strategies: Ivory Carving 307 the massive photograph ❚ fabrics and methods: Andean Weaving 382 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Serpent Mound 389 309 the large photo viii Contents 391 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Romanesque Countesses, Queens, bankruptcy 15 AFRICA sooner than 1800 Prehistory and Early Cultures eleventh to 18th Centuries and Nuns 393 448 ❚ fabrics and strategies: Embroidery and Tapestry 394 456 the large photo 399 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: relationship African paintings and making a choice on African bankruptcy 18 Artists 395 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: paintings and management in Africa 397 GOTHIC EUROPE ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Idealized Naturalism at Ile-Ife 398 French Gothic 405 the large photo 459 461 462 Gothic outdoor of France 486 ❚ WRITTEN assets: Abbot Suger and the Rebuilding of Saint-Denis bankruptcy sixteen EARLY MEDIEVAL EUROPE 407 paintings of the Warrior Lords 407 463 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: The Gothic Rib Vault 464 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Scholasticism and Gothic paintings and structure 466 Christian paintings: Scandinavia, British Isles, Spain 410 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: The Gothic Cathedral 469 Carolingian paintings ❚ fabrics and methods: Stained-Glass home windows 472 Ottonian artwork 415 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Louis IX, the Saintly King 482 422 the large photo ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Medieval Books 411 495 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: The 4 Evangelists 412 bankruptcy 19 ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Charlemagne’s Renovatio Imperii Romani 416 ITALY, 1200 TO 1400 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: Medieval Monasteries and Benedictine Rule 420 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Theophanu, a Byzantine Princess in Ottonian Germany The thirteenth Century 497 The 14th Century 502 497 428 ❚ paintings AND SOCIETY: Italian Artists’ Names 498 429 the massive photo ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: the nice Schism, Mendicant Orders, and Confraternities ❚ fabrics and methods: Fresco portray 504 bankruptcy 17 RO M AN E S QU E E U RO P E France and northern Spain Holy Roman Empire Italy 501 431 433 445 ❚ WRITTEN resources: Artists’ Guilds, Commissions, and Contracts 506 ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: creative education in Renaissance Italy 510 the massive photograph 517 450 Normandy and England 453 N OTE S ❚ artwork AND SOCIETY: Pilgrimages and the Cult of Relics 432 ❚ WRITTEN assets: bushes Roofs and Stone Vaults 435 ❚ WRITTEN assets: Bernard of Clairvaux on Cloister Sculpture 438 ❚ ARCHITECTURAL fundamentals: The Romanesque Church Portal 439 518 thesaurus 519 BIBLIOGRAPHY credit INDEX 530 538 541 ❚ faith AND MYTHOLOGY: The Crusades 442 Contents ix PREFACE chicken Helen Gardner released the first variation of paintings throughout the a while in 1926, she couldn't have imagined that greater than eighty years later teachers world wide could nonetheless be utilizing her textbook of their school rooms.

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