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By Jeffrey Kastner, Brian Wallis

The conventional panorama style was once considerably reworked within the Sixties while many artists stopped simply representing the land and made their mark at once within the setting. Drawn by means of gigantic, uncultivated areas of barren region and mountain in addition to by means of post-industrial wastelands, artists comparable to Michael Heizer, Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson moved earth to create vast primal symbols. Others punctuated the horizon with man-made signposts, akin to Christo's working Fence and Walter de Maria's The Lightning box. For Richard lengthy, trips turned artworks whereas Dennis Oppenheim immersed his whole physique within the contours of the land. during this vast survey of Land artwork, Brian Wallis discusses the foremost artists, works and concerns that outline Land artwork traditionally, in addition to its later ramifications.

This booklet absolutely records the Sixties Land artwork circulate and surveys examples of Environmental paintings to the current day. Earthworks, environments, performances and activities by means of artists starting from Ana Mendieta within the Nineteen Seventies and 80s to Peter Fend within the Nineteen Nineties are illustrated with breathtaking photos, sketches and venture notes.

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