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An art-filled sourcebook approximately aberrations within the D&D world.

Lords of insanity: The booklet of Aberrations takes a entire examine the main strange monsters of the D&D global, and the heroes who struggle them. It presents specified information regarding beholders, brain flayers, aboleths, and different renowned aberrations, whereas additionally introducing a number of new aberrations. additionally, this ebook presents new ideas, feats, strategies, spells, and gear for characters that hunt aberrations. broad tale and crusade parts and taste details upload curiosity and size to enjoying or battling creatures of this kind. The ebook itself incorporates a status structure, with heavy use of paintings all through and a full-painted cover.

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Ninety nine smash of the Mindspider . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . one hundred and one three Introduction one of the so much iconic components of the D &D bankruptcy # UNGEONS RAGONS online game are its unforgettable monsters. Dragons roam the skies, looking cities to burn and plunder. Hordes of ravening orcs lurk sullenly within the wastelands and barren areas, looking forward to the opportunity to brush down at the unsuspecting lands of humankind. Demons and devils pry and push on the borders in their infernal planes, looking the chance to go into the realm and wreak their poor evil. strange, antediluvian monstrosities—things of lethal eyes, squirming tentacles, and mind-poisoning horror—lurk within the deep and overseas, dreaming bad alien goals of conquest and dominion over the realm outdoors. those are the aberrations, creatures whose very life outrages nature, creatures that belong to far-off occasions and dimensions of cosmic terror. THE e-book OF ABERRATIONS whereas this ebook may appear to be meant essentially for Dungeon Masters, the monsters mentioned during this tome are so strong, iconic, and frequent within the D&D universe that any participant wishing to understand extra approximately his character’s adversaries can be drawn to the data contained herein. bankruptcy nine encompasses a variety of feats, spells, and status sessions for characters whose central enemies contain monsters of the aberration kind. whereas the focal point of this publication is on aberrations, lots of those new ideas parts can follow to different creatures. New aboleth, illithid, and silthilar (a new aberration swarm) grafts can gain an adventurer in any type of crusade, as can any of numerous new domain names and magic goods. obviously, Dungeon Masters will locate dozens of recent monsters, monster feats, monster spells, and super quantities of hidden lore approximately those similar creatures. every thing you want to spotlight an iconic aberration race on your crusade (or to outlive such an occasion, when you are a participant) are available during this ebook. every one bankruptcy dedicated to one of many significant aberration races additionally comprises an come across website, whole with keyed destinations and able to be utilized in an latest crusade. in contrast to the creatures that populate Draconomicon or Libris Mortis, aberrations percentage few universal features except a large thematic hyperlink. except the truth that they’re all inhuman monsters that experience strong magical skills and reside deep underground, aboleths, brain flayers, and beholders don't particularly percentage any universal origins or body structure. for this reason, the key races of aberrations are each one mentioned of their personal bankruptcy, with little connection with different aberrations. the main aberration races contain the next monsters: four Aboleths, or the deep masters, are the loathsome lords of the underground seas. maybe the main alien and inscrutable of the entire significant aberration races, the aboleths are strong psions and mages whose sinister impression wells up from the inner most locations within the earth. Beholders, the negative eye tyrants, command fearsome innate magical energy.

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