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By Mario Praz

AW Mellon Lectures in positive Arts are awarded each year on the nationwide Gallery of artwork in Washington. they're released within the prestigious Bollingen Series.

The Bollingen sequence is devoted to high quality scholarly monographs on artwork, tradition, and philosophy.

From the airborne dirt and dust jacket:
In his seek for the universal hyperlink among
literature and the visible arts. Professor Praz
draws upon the considerable proof of lengthy
mutual figuring out and correspondence be­
tween the sister alts even supposing parallels of
theme and concept are considerable, be is now not
primarily involved with those. particularly, he
examines the shut courting or air de fanulle
between the expression of the arts m any given
Each epoch has “ its abnormal handwriting
or handwritings, which, if one might interpret
them, could demonstrate a personality, even a physi­
cal appearance.” even supposing handwriting is
taught and a few of its features hence
belong to the common variety of the interval, the
personality of the author does now not fail to pierce
through. whatever of the related style, the au­
thor proposes, happens in artwork. The kinship of
literature and portray rests on this circum­
stance: a paintings of artwork, even if visible or liter­
ary, needs to use the certain “ handwriting” of
its specific age, even as its originality pierces
through this handwriting.
The likeness among the arts inside a variety of
periods o f heritage can eventually be traced,
then, to structural similarities— similarities
that come up out of the attribute approach in
which the humans of a convinced epoch see and
memorize proof aesthetically. Mnemosyne, at
once the goddess of reminiscence and the mom
of the muses, for that reason presides over this view
of ihe arts. In illustrating her iniluence. Pro­
fessor Praz levels largely via Western
sources, either literary and pictorial. There are
1 2 1 illustrations accompanying the text.
M A R IO P R A Z is Professor of English Lan­
guage and Literature at the collage of
Rome. His previous books comprise The Roman­
tic pain, experiences in Seventeenth-Century
imagery, and The Flaming Heart.
ackct layout by means of P J. Conkwright

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