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The clinical software of those vital court cases was once prepared to hide many of the box of neutrino physics. In gentle of the speedy development of curiosity inspired by means of new fascinating effects from the sphere, greater than 1/2 the papers provided listed here are concerning the neutrino mass and oscillations, together with atmospheric and sunlight neutrino reviews. Neutrino mass and oscillations might suggest the life of a mass scale many orders of magnitudes larger than offered in present physics and should most likely advisor scientists past the normal version of particle physics.

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Ferrari, L. Zanotti (Milano INFN); E. Burkert, W. Hampel, J. Handt, G. Heusser, J. Kiko, T. Kirsten, M. Laubenstein, W. Rau, H. Richter, M. Wojcik, Y. Zakharov (MPIK Heidelberg); ok. H. Ebert, E. Henrich (FZK Karisruhe); M. Balata, F. X. Hartmann (LNGS Gran Sasso); M. AItmann, F. v. Feilitzsch (TUM M0nchen); E. Schatzman (Nice Observatoire); P. Belli, R. Bernabei, S. d'Angelo (Roma INFN); M. Cribier (CE Saclay). 0920-5632/99/$ - see entrance topic nine 1999 ElsevierScience B. V. All rights reserved. Pll S0920-5632(99)00389-8 T.. A. Kirsten/Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl. ) seventy seven (1999) 26-34 the objective is 30. three hundreds gallium (12 a whole lot 7'Ga) contained in a hundred lots of centred galliumchloride resolution. This chemical shape used to be choseil t o facilitate the extraction of the product, 7'Ge [8]. tremendous low counter backgrounds (order 1 count number per 30 days) are required as a way to considerably become aware of the minute neutrino precipitated task. often just a handful of 7'Ge decays are saw in step with run [9]. power and pulse form research serve to choose the candidate occasions. Then, the utmost probability procedure is used to partition the counts into the sign from 7'Ge decay and the heritage, consistent in time. Counting of a run 27 lasted commonly for approximately 6 months to be able to absolutely represent the very low heritage after the decay of ~'Ge. info taking begun in may well 1991. considering the fact that that date, approximately per thirty days runs have been played until eventually January 1997 (counting lasted until eventually June 19, 1997). This covers a complete of sixty five runs comprising 1594 web days of publicity. The GALLEX sessions have been separated by means of a scheduled swap of the objective tanks (after GALLEX I) and through Cr - resource publicity classes (between GX II/GX III and GX III/GX IV, respectively). desk 1 is a matrix of all sunlight runs played inside of GALLEX I - IV. desk 1 GALLEX sunlight run matrix. Statistical and systematic error are mixed in quadrature (1 o). butions from part reactions are already sub,acted (for information see the quoted references). Date of knowledge Ref. sun runs overall clean runs unencumber GI G II Gill GIV (total) may possibly 1992 [1] 14 14 five June 1993 [2] 15 6 21 II Febr 1994 [3] 15 15 30 19 June 1995 [4] 15 24 39 27 July 1996 [5] 15 24 14 fifty three 31 Oct 1998 [6] 15 24 14 12 sixty five 36 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ~ ~ ~:~:~ ~ , , , ,,, -,. ~. . . . . _ ~i,,,,~ ..... ~ ........... : : _. ................ __ . ......... ~_ ~-~-. :-- ~ ~- ~ ~ . _;;~ , as well as the sun runs, clean runs also are indexed. Blanks have been often played so one can make certain the absence of any objective comparable artifacts. they're in each appreciate just like sunlight runs other than that the publicity time is decreased to 1 day, the minimal time required to imitate a true run (the clean info given are corrected for the neutrino creation in the course of that one day). the end result from all 36 clean runs is (- four + five) SNU (1o), in keeping with a null end result. the person run effects for GALLEX IV are given in desk 2. also they are contained in determine 1, the place all sixty five sunlight run effects are proven. the information are corrected for part reactions.

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