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From the experiences: "I suggest it to somebody with an curiosity in binary stars who desires to research extra approximately those attention-grabbing objects." (Jocelyn Tomkin, The Observatory, April 2005)

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Forty six four. ninety 6. 00 three. eighty 7. 09 6. eighty three five. 09 five. seventy five four. 60 7. 37 five. 29 7. ninety nine 6. 32 6. fifty two 6. sixty four 6. eighty two 6. sixty eight 7. sixty two 6. seventy eight four. sixty eight five. 07 four. 86 three. eighty three. eighty five. 38 6. 32 6. forty 7. 15 five. sixty nine four. forty nine Vb Constell. 6. seventy two five. 89 7. ninety four 6. eighty 6. 08 6. sixty four five. 00 6. 34 7. fifty six 7. seventy seven 7. seventy three 6. eleven 7. 06 7. 18 7. 50 6. sixty three 6. 70 6. ninety three 6. ninety six 7. 01 7. 29 7. 07 7. seventy four 7. sixty five five. 27 five. fifty three four. 89 7. 01 four. eighty 6. fifty five 6. fifty one 7. 29 7. 24 6. ninety nine 6. 89 Cet And Tau consistent with Cam Pic Ori doggy Gem Gem Gem doggy Hya Hya Vel Com Crv Com Dra Dra Boo UMa Dra Boo Aps Dra Dra. Cyg Cyg Dra Cyg Cyg Equ Cyg Cyg The commentary of Binocular Double Stars 31 desk three. 2. Descriptions of a few double and a number of stars from desk three. 1. Pair Notes ENG8 χ Cet. A white and faded yellow double positioned SW of the orange 4th magazine. superstar ζ Cet. fifty six And. faded yellow, light blue. Lies at the southern border of the open cluster NGC 752. 39 Tau. effortless white and bluish-white double. East of the yellow 4th magazine. famous person 37 Tau. fifty seven in keeping with. excellent, bluish-white pair in a box glowing with many faint stars. 11,12 Cam. Bluish-white, light yellow. wonderful pair. A curved chain of 4 stars following. Orange, blue. marvelous. varieties a right-angled triangle with seventh magazine. stars. θ1 – θ2 Ori. silvery white, fifth magazine. twins enveloped through the Orion Nebula. A neat white pair in a curved E to W chain. The white 4th magazine. η Col. lies NW. ζ Gem. An unequal, yellow and bluish-white couple on a wealthy history. Tiny comes. A faint, white double in a dense zone close to the open cluster NGC 2331. A appropriate, white pair, three° E of β Gem. previous a dense box. This bluish-white double types a parallelogram with 3 different faint stars. high quality quarter. a delightful, pale-yellow pair situated south of a W-shaped formation of stars. τ1 Hya. White, bluish-white. Unequal. simply chanced on south of a gaggle equivalent to Sagitta. An simply resolved natural white couple. The 4th. magazine. M Vel. lies N. 17 Com. a gorgeous, blue pair positioned within the Coma Berenices cluster. This white double lies on the NE finish of a sequence of 3 tiny stars. 32, 33 Com. faded orange and bluish-white. gorgeous distinction. S of the Coma Cluster. an exceptional orange pair, simply resolved. located three° from STTA123 (see below). either parts are light yellow. situated in a small arc of fainter stars. This neat white pair heavily follows the yellow fifth magazine. famous person 6 Boo. A wonderful, bluish-white double in a box densely populated with tiny stars. This soft, white pair follows the light yellow third. magazine big name ι Dra. either light yellow. superb box with fifty three Boo (white) and υ Boo (orange) to the NE. a stunning, golden yellow pair, nearly equivalent in brightness and simple to solve. Grand, bluish-white pair preceded by means of a five-star workforce formed like a capital X. ν Dra. a wonderful double, comprising natural white fifth magazine. stars. 31, o1 Cyg. Gold, eco-friendly, blue. an impressive triple big name at the fringes of the Milky approach. seventy five Dra. either stars orange. an excellent, shiny pair situated in a wealthy region of sky. forty eight Cyg. natural white “twins” set in a great area of the Milky approach. either stars white. wealthy region. The orange, fifth magazine. sixty three Cyg. lies W. This equivalent, bluish-white pair is located close to the centre of the Equuleus quadrilateral.

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