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By F. Wesley Schneider

  • Enter the shadow-cloaked realm of Ustalav, the seat of horror within the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere. right here, accursed Counts vie for strength over terror-torn lands of puzzle and darkish legend, eternally stricken by terrifying creatures of the evening and the everlasting curses of a haunted earlier. within the shadows of either towns and wilds prowl vampires and werewolves, whereas ghosts and worse lurk amid the ruins of glories squandered in the past. right here, superstition, fortune-telling, and offers with darkish powers carry sway over folks that comprehend all too good to not enterprise out at evening.
  • Learn what horrors lurk in Ustalav's shadows during this in-depth consultant to the mysterious realm, in addition to harrowing investigations into its such a lot notorious ruins and haunted homes.

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Thirty years in the past, the whims of a demise prince tore the center of Ustalav from its conventional domestic. in the back of was once left a gaping hollow space, the place centuries of subservient arteries and dependant organs gasped and struggled to thieve pitiful moments of faltering existence. Now, a long time later, that hole festers with is still too obdurate to rot away and rampant infections of decrepitude and indolence, all hidden underneath lifeless bandages of culture and ritual. What as soon as was once Ardeal, the royal heartland of Ustalav, lies lowered, reworked right into a degree for grim justice as noble parasites too bloated to keep on with their host slowly die away, whereas a peasantry lengthy envious in their masters’ instructions locate themselves misplaced and purposeless. as soon as the lord of Ustalav reigned from this land, yet now the glories all lie useless, and the folks starve on sour thoughts of higher days. Ardeal takes its identify from Ardealia, first spouse of Ustalav’s unifier, Soividia Ustav. For nine centuries, Ustalavic kings governed from the town of Ardis, using again wild Kellids, Belkzen orcs, and different threats as they accelerated and tamed their rugged nation. right here Ardurras, final king of Ustalav, confronted the conquering legions of the Whispering Tyrant and fell, breaking the road of Ustalavic kings. After the Shining campaign, Ardeal once again turned domestic to Ustalav’s royalty, whereas a newly risen the Aristocracy fractured the nation’s fertile heartland right into a multitude of fiefdoms. For generations, nobles have squabbled over the realm’s richest lands, a few coaxing nice wealth from nature’s bounty whereas others decrease the country’s maximum assets to fields of dirt. With the former prince’s ultimate decree relocating the nation’s capitol to Caliphas, Ardeal has suffered a long time of withdrawal. Once-bustling noble estates now stand empty, their lands left fallow or within the fingers of squatters because the rightful proprietors the royal court docket to the shorelines of Lake Encarthan. The sprawling urban of Ardis stands as a withered shadow of its former grandeur, its inhabitants lowered by means of hundreds of thousands, its industries suffering to outlive, and darkish issues creeping in to switch the human deserters. The county, in its decay, even unearths itself cannibalized via its brethren, with citizens of different counties infringing upon its borders and bold counts trying to declare regulate of hinterlands that Ardeal now not possesses the service provider to shield. Ardeal holds a lot of Ustalav’s so much bountiful farmland, with the extent grasslands helping checkered fields of wheat, f lax, and beans, notwithstanding orchards of pears and quince and fields of hemp and berries aren't unusual. a variety of farms and ranches additionally disguise the county, with so much elevating sheep, goats, boar, and the region’s specified shaggy farm animals. in recent times, failed or poorly tended farms have attracted wolves from the Shudderwood, cougars from the mountains, and worse, which prey upon untended cattle whereas hiding inside crumbling homesteads and amid overgrown fields. extraordinary destinations Ardeal nonetheless hosts numerous corners within which the citizens desperately try and steer clear of succumbing to the county’s decay, otherwise search to hurry its destroy.

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