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By James Jacobs

The howling insanity of the Abyss lurches to poor existence in booklet of the Damned quantity 2 - Lords of Chaos, a harrowing examine the primordial nature of evil. no matter if protecting the area from the demonic horde or promoting it out on your darkish grasp, this 64-page crusade atmosphere guidebook shines an unholy gentle at the darkest evils ever to befoul the multiverse. Written via Pathfinder Editor-in-Chief and famous demon professional James Jacobs, Lords of Chaos offers darkish delights priceless to any Pathfinder Roleplaying online game crusade, together with special discussions of the ten most crucial Abyssal geographical regions and their fiendish rulers; elevated details on two-dozen lesser demon lords and their nightmarish nation-states; exact ecologies of significant recognized demon kinds; a whole background of the Abyss and the unspeakable creatures who dwelled there earlier than the appearance of gods and demons; plus numerous new demons and Abyssal monsters, demonic spells, magic goods, and extra.

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Lamashtu looks as a seriously pregnant human lady with the pinnacle of a three-eyed jackal, a raven’s wings, a snake’s tail, and a vulture’s ft. Her distended abdominal is crisscrossed with ragged scars, and he or she wields dual blades—Redlust (a blade made from sentient fireplace) and Chillheart (a blade made up of sentient ice). The size of those blades varies from that of a kukri to that of a falchion—in paintings, she is frequently depicted with kukris, yet in conflict, she prefers to wield either as falchions with horrif ic ability. Gnolls declare that after Lamashtu f irst observed a hyena, she took it as her consort, and therefore the unique gnoll used to be born. different races inform comparable tales, mentioning the mummy of Monsters as their race’s progenitor, in carnal conjunction with a few beast. Lamashtu revels in destroying the main blameless, even if via def iling their f lesh or tainting their 6 Lords of the Abyss Kurnugia the place her worship is powerful, and that those nightmares functionality as a kind of fertilizer for unusual f lowers that develop in the socalled Nightmare Fields. able to freeing those nightmares as brilliant, life like hallucinations, this zone is a favourite position for the Demon Queen to strand sufferers she’s captured. Tharsekti: the biggest gnoll country on Kurnugia, this realm involves a vital sector of forested hills surrounded via a churning sea. The gnolls listed below are led via a towering monster named Vandaku. The brackish sea that surrounds Tharsekti is the area of the nascent demon lord Kalvakus—the shark-infested depths and shipwreck-lined beaches are frequently braved through Tharsekti’s gnolls once they mount tremendous armadas to pass the ocean and raid gnoll countries at the a long way seashores. Xorian Mountains: This sizeable mountain variety runs alongside one facet of Kurnugia—it is expounded that the top peaks truly open out upon the Outer Sphere itself. those mountains are infested with all demeanour of scavengers—particularly fiendish vultures the dimensions of rocs, hyena-like monstrosities, and scaly behemoths the dimensions and form of the biggest dinosaurs. All of those scavengers are governed through the nascent demon lord Daclau-Sar, a six-legged, headed hyena with vulture wings believed via many to were produced from the corpse of the useless god Curchanus. Yanaron: An impossibly monstrous mesa protrudes from the center of Kurnugia. A towering palace of odd spires and towers, itself the dimensions of a global, looms on the center—this is Yanaron, Lamashtu’s palace-city. The diamond-shaped urban that surrounds the primary palace is populated by means of demons, fiendish gnolls, and different creatures handpicked through the Demon Queen for his or her loyalty or specified deformities—the gnolls of Tharsekti and the lesser countries of Kurnugia struggle their wars for positions during this mythical urban. numerous nascent demon lords stay the following as well—powerful minions of Lamashtu which may quickly turn into demon lords and rulers of Abyssal nation-states in their personal, together with shadowy Nightripper, many-bodied Izyagna, and sulking and filthy Murnath. Lamashtu’s realm is the biggest layer of the Abyss, as befits her energy as one of many center gods of Golarion.

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