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The most important and most crucial city within the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade surroundings comes alive during this complete consultant to the town on the middle of the area! discover the winding methods of this teeming delusion group with neighborhood-by-neighborhood summaries loaded with event hooks, summaries of key movers-and-shakers within the urban, distinctive info on enterprises helpful and malevolent, and distinctive rumor-generation tables that result in remarkable adventures. a gorgeous poster map unearths the full urban in excellent element.

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Those that may possibly come up with the money for to relocate have moved on, leaving in simple terms the bad, cheating, and bullheaded to make a humid Places lifestyles in houses which are rotting from lower than. There are not any surviving documents to teach who owns what, so a few new citizens have moved in just to declare reasonable structures, regardless of how badly f looded. Criminals, con males, and homeless f lock to Puddles, believing existence there to be a more sensible choice than expulsion for vagrancy. Authority Figures Haigen Topkick, Nomarch of the Puddles District Council, Captain of the Muckruckers, Guildmaster of the Salvagers Guild; woman Seichya of condo Tevineg, excessive Warden of the Brine, Trademaster of the Salt Cartel; the fairway Strumpet, neighborhood witch. There are just 3 significant political forces in Puddles. The district council is a unmarried guy, Haigen Topkick, who additionally runs the neighborhood defend and the one doable enterprise, the salvage guild. Haigen runs a lot of Puddles as his private—if impoverished—domain, and gets little or no strain to do in a different way. His authority, comparable to it really is, legitimately comes from the Grand Council, and so long as he asks them for no cash to mend the district, or even manages tax funds, the Grand Council is excited to permit Puddles to develop into the city’s cesspool. His sole reliable competitor is woman Seichya of Tevineg, who runs the most felony of Absalom at the southern fringe of the Puddles. woman Seichya has made Haigen an best friend instead of an enemy, and the 2 agree that issues round the legal are her obstacle, and the remainder of the Puddles is his. Their purely rival is the fairway Strumpet, an area olivehaired witch who turns out to reside lower than the water, and claims to be part gillman. She is the one healer and clever girl such a lot citizens of Puddles have entry to, although her underwater way of life skill not anyone can are expecting whilst or the place she's going to look. She is additionally renowned for attaching herself to 1 or extra adventurers while such teams come trying to find anything in Puddles, performing as a consultant until eventually they depart. She refuses to ever depart Puddles, or say why she can't circulate concerning the urban. Aysepir’s Astounded Abyss: this can be the single cause any customer would wish to delve into Puddles, and it’s a foul cause at that. A dank, muck-covered carnival of patched tents and unsteady huts is domestic to the most important freak exhibit within the internal Sea area. began generations in the past by way of an Ulfen explorer, Aysepir Dragon-Skin, the “Abyss” is gifted as a mortal patch of hell, with each conceivable and unlucky blend of creatures and gadgets. for only a few items of copper, buyers can witness the twitching residing Eye, the ghoulish Self-Consuming Troll, the sorrowful Ghost Girl—with her consistent track of loss followed by means of her unending repetition of her personal suicide—and even the Inverted guy, whose white bone framework slightly holds in his oozing organs and pulsing muscle tissues. in fact so much consumers think the freaks are 2 most probably illusions or costumes, yet come besides to determine what new horror the Abyss will supply. in truth, the Abyss regularly offers its unfortunates as precisely what they're, so much being the sufferers of poor curses, unlucky fates, or actually distinctive breeding.

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