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  • The vile, hated orcs are the most typical, evil, humanoid race of the Pathfinder international, the sword-fodder of numerous celebrated heroes and bold adventurers. yet they’re additionally one of the such a lot populous civilized creatures on this planet, and their centuries-spanning conflicts with dwarves, elves, and people shape the pages upon which the historical past of mankind is written in blood. Pathfinder significant other: Orcs of Golarion presents Pathfinder RPG gamers every little thing they should struggle — or play — orc and half-orc characters, bringing this shadowy race to the savage forefront!
  • Learn the key heritage of this brutish race, from their first emergence from the Darklands into the sunlit international to the newest experiences from the orcish realm of Belkzen and different very important orc strongholds. detect the actual and psychological characteristics of orcs and their half-breed family, discover their strange tradition, and select a suitable crusade trait on your orc or orc-slaying participant personality. With vast notes on orc faith and worship practices, orc tribal magic, and orc guns, wrestle strategies, and rage powers, this Pathfinder Companion is an absolute necessity for any who could conflict orcish evil — or enjoy it!

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However the orcs, of their shadowy fortresses and underground enclaves, weren't idle in this time. notwithstanding they have been slower to evolve than the dwarves, they driven themselves till their eyes may undergo the sunshine of the sun—though nonetheless painful—and fought savagely not to in basic terms maintain the bastions they nonetheless held, but additionally to retake their former strongholds, successful again a lot of what that they had misplaced. but their efforts have been disorganized and haphazard. An orc warlord could struggle via miles of enemy territory to retake an outdated preserve, in simple terms to discover that one other tribe had already taken it, and had no goal of giving it up. As continues to be actual at the present time, orcs fought orcs up to they fought dwarves or males. ultimately, even though, in northern Avistan, an orc warlord rose to strength who used to be either extra strong and extra crafty than the others: Belkzen, whose black solar image got here to be the normal for an enormous military of orc tribes that have been united through his choice to force the dwarves again underground and reclaim the orcs' misplaced holdings. This amazing strength laid siege to the dwarven Sky fort of Koldukar in –3708 ar, crushing the dwarves' resistance on the conflict of 9 Stones and pouring into the defenseless urban through the hundreds of thousands, four slaughtering every person inside of and looting the dwarven temples and treasuries. Flushed with their victory, the orcs proceeded to refortify Koldukar opposed to the inevitable dwarven counterattack, renaming it Urgir (meaning “First domestic” in Orc). yet although the dwarves made a number of incursions, they finally proved not able or unwilling to retake their misplaced castle, and Belkzen’s armies rapidly unfold around the complete zone, conquering outposts and burning villages till the socalled “Hold of Belkzen” grew to become a nation ruled by way of orcs. The Reign Belkzen of regardless of having led the orc tribes to victory and glory and fastened a powerful offense that gained the conflict of 9 Stones, Belkzen came across ruling them nearly most unlikely. with no dwarves to conflict, the tribes fell to squabbling between themselves, or even the conquest of the zone round Urgir used to be little greater than a non permanent distraction. The orcs wanted whatever to maintain them from every one other’s throats. Belkzen’s major technique to hold the orcs united was once basic and powerful: executions. at any time when an orc killed one other orc, Belkzen ordered the assassin tortured and sacrificed to Rovagug—along with ten of his tribe. And while an orc chief declared struggle on one other tribe, Belkzen despatched his personal bodyguards to convey that chief prior to him, to be for my part disemboweled by means of Belkzen himself. there have been exceptions, of course—sometimes Belkzen sought after a selected orc killed, or a tribe wiped out—but for the main half, the orcs took the lesson: defy Belkzen, and you can pay together with your existence. Understandably, Belkzen’s rule used to be now not universally well known. He placed down quite a few coups and survived numerous assassination makes an attempt. in this time, Belkzen imposed his livid will on his topics, ruling by means of strength until eventually the orcs got here to simply accept his note as not only an order, yet because the legislation.

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