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By Jason Bulmahn

  • This finished hardcover reference unveils the paranormal secrets and techniques of the Pathfinder rules like by no means prior to. hundreds new methods and methods for each spellcasting category within the video game fill the booklet, starting from arcane secrets and techniques exposed through studious wizards to amazing ki-tricks played by means of canny clergymen to new mutagens for alchemists, new oracle mysteries, really expert channel power thoughts for clerics, and extra.
  • Ultimate Magic additionally introduces the most recent Pathfinder RPG base category: the magus. Combining arcane spells with practiced martial ability, the magus comprises parts of the warrior and wizard to stroll a direction balanced among lethal effective extremes. All this, plus greater than a hundred new spells for all spellcasting sessions, an cutting edge new "words of energy" spellcasting method, a whole method for 1-on-1 spell duels, and more.

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If he fails the saving throw, the magus turns into fatigued (but can attempt again). If he's fatigued, he turns into exhausted as an alternative. He can't use this skill if he's exhausted. Spell security (Sp): A magus of seventeenth point or greater can burn up an arcane element from his weapon’s arcane pool as a unfastened motion; he then profits SR equivalent to his black blade’s ego till the beginning of his subsequent flip. existence Drinker (Su): At nineteenth point, whenever the magus kills a residing creature with the black blade, he can choose one of many following results: the black blade restores 2 issues to its arcane pool; the black blade restores 1 element to its arcane pool and the magus restores 1 element to his arcane pool; the magus earnings a few transitority hit issues equivalent to the black blade’s ego (these transitority hit issues final till spent or 1 minute, whichever is shorter). The creature killed should have a couple of Hit cube equivalent to part the magus’s personality point for this to take place. Hexcrafter (Archetype) A hexcrafter magus has exposed the key of utilizing his arcane pool to recreate witch hexes. those magi can hex pal and foe, curse these they strike, and extend their spell choice to incorporate many curses and damaging spells. Hex Magus (Su): At 4th point, the hexcrafter magus profits entry to a small variety of witch’s hexes (see the complicated Player’s Guide). The hexcrafter magus selections one hex from the witch’s hex classification characteristic. He profits the advantage of or makes use of that hex as though he have been a witch of a degree equivalent to his magus point. this option replaces spell remember. Hex Arcana: A hexcrafter profits entry to the next magus arcana, or may perhaps opt for any witch hex rather than a magus arcana. At twelfth point, the hexcrafter might decide upon Spellcasters a hex or significant hex in preference to a magus arcana. At twentieth point, a hexcrafter can opt for a hex, significant hex, or grand hex as opposed to a magus arcana. He can't decide on any hex or arcana greater than as soon as. Accursed Strike (Sp): A hexcrafter magus who can solid bestow curse, higher curse, or any spell with the curse descriptor can bring those ready spells utilizing the spellstrike skill, whether the spells usually are not contact assault spells. Spells: A hexcrafter magus provides the subsequent spells to his magus spell record: bestow curse, significant curse, and all different spells of sixth point or reduce that experience the curse descriptor. Magus Arcana: the next magus arcana supplement the hexcrafter archetype: arcane accuracy, vast research, established, and quicken magic. Spellblade (Archetype) A spellblade magus can show up a ghostly blade of strength that may be used as an off-hand weapon. strength Athame (Sp): At second point, a spellblade magus can sacrifice a ready magus spell of 1st point or better as a rapid motion to create a dagger of strength in his off hand. The athame lasts for 1 minute or until eventually disregarded, has an enhancement bonus on assault and harm rolls equivalent to the extent of the spell sacrificed (maximum +5), and is taken into account a weapon the spellblade is protecting for reasons of his arcane pool function (using the pool so as to add talents to a held weapon applies to the magus’s actual weapon and to the athame for no extra cost).

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