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School of Evocation is the definitive advisor to evocation magic and includes principles that extend the thaumaturgical arts of evocation and destruction. fantastically designed and illustrated, School of Evocation deals a wide selection of fascinating new participant ideas, together with: <UL> * The dedicated Evoker status category, the real masters of destruction * Dozens of latest evocation spells, feats, and magic goods * targeted principles on shaping and adorning power and construction spells equivalent to fireball, wall of iron, and lots more and plenty extra!

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Strength Push. Pushes opponent again five or extra feet. gentle Flare. Dazzles one creature (-1 attack). gentle. item shines like a torch. Sound growth. bargains 1 aspect of sonic harm and should disrupt focus for 1d3 rounds. • • • • • 1ST-LEVEL SORCERER AND WIZARD EVOCATION SPELLS Acid Lock Bane. Fills a lock with fast-acting acid. Reduces Open Lock cost DC by means of 1d10 plus 1d10/two caster degrees (maximum 5d10). may well spoil lock, disarm traps or trigger traps. chilly Freezing Weapon. in short provides a melee weapon the frost particular skill. Torpor. A ray of chilling chilly numbs your foe’s limbs, lowering its Dexterity. Elec Jolt. Stuns aim for 1d4 rounds. Sky Bolt. 1d4 electrical energy damage/level (max: 5d4). Enrgy Floating Disk. 3-ft. -diameter horizontal disk that holds a hundred lb. /level. fireplace Flame Tongue. Tongue of fireplace offers 1d6+1/two caster degrees hearth harm. may possibly disarm or journey opponent. strength Halt. Magical strength stops your aim in its tracks. Hurl. achieve a one-time +20 bonus in your power whilst attacking with a thrown weapon. Magic Missile. 1d4+1 harm; +1 missile/two degrees above 1st (max +5). gentle Flash. Creates a dazzling flash of sunshine. Sound Wave of Sound. Wave bargains 1d6+1/level issues of sonic harm and deafens goal for 2d6 rounds. • • • • • • • • 25 Visual consultant 2ND-LEVEL SORCERER AND WIZARD EVOCATION SPELLS Acid Acerbic Gasp. Creates cone of acid that bargains 1d6 +1/two caster degrees acid harm. Brittle. Acid vapors lessen the hardness of an item or its holiday DC through 1d4/level issues. chilly Freezing Fog. Blankets a space in obscuring fog that covers surfaces with slippery frost. Elec Spark bathe. bargains 1d4/caster point electric harm to all inside 15 toes. Enrgy Blade of Will. Creates an strength blade that acts like a ghost contact longsword for as much as 1 min. /level. hearth Flaming Sphere. Rolling ball of fireplace, 2d6 harm, lasts 1 round/level. strength Fist of Akmon. Hits goal with a blast of strength. gentle Darkness. 20-ft. radius of supernatural darkness. sunlight. 60-ft. radius of vivid gentle. Sound Shatter. Sonic vibration damages gadgets or crystalline creatures. • • • • • • • • 3RD-LEVEL SORCERER AND WIZARD EVOCATION SPELLS Acid Acid Burst. Globules of acid deal 1d6 issues of acid damage/level (max 10d6) at the first around and and 1 element of acid damage/level at the moment around, 10-ft. radius. chilly Breath of the wintry weather Wolf. Exhale a cone of chilly causing as much as 10d6 issues of chilly harm and inflicting frostbite. Elec Lightning Bolt. electrical energy offers 1d6 damage/level. trip the Lightning. Transports the caster on a bolt of lightning to anywhere he can see. Can’t be used offensively. Enrgy Tiny Hut. Creates protect for 10 creatures. hearth Fireball. 1d6 harm in line with point, 20-ft. radius. strength Wind Wall. Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases. gentle Radiant Glow. you're surrounded by means of a stunning nimbus of sunshine. Sound Discordant Bolt. Bolt of sound offers 1d6 points/level of sonic harm and deafens goal for 2d6 rounds. 26 • • • • • • • • • Acid Acid protect. Creatures attacking the caster take acid harm; caster is protected against force-based assaults.

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