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By Clayton Emery

Lurking within the ruins is a bad story of greed, strength, and revenge.  The Protector crawls forth, the colour of a useless urban whose rulers refuse to die, and younger partners in far-off epochs study of a dreadful future they can not break out . . . and a dangerous risk to all they carry dear.

The misplaced Empires sequence uncovers the secrets and techniques of the traditional civilizations of the Forgotten Realms world.  Why did Cursrah fall?  Who used to be the celebrity of Cursrah?  and the way can a long-dead urban threaten the trendy realm of Calimshan?

Uncover the secrets and techniques for your self - in case you dare.

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Amber’s belly churned for fear concerning the 3 buddies, even though they’d been useless for centuries—or weren’t but, within the mummy’s case. nonetheless … no, it used to be too complicated, so Amber shook it from her brain. Hopping off the final brick, Amber shoved Hakiim and stated, “Get out of sight and wait. ” fortunately he didn’t query yet skipped into darkness. simply previous the darkish, modern patch, Amber dropped to at least one knee as though she’d fallen. catch noose below one hand, she peeked at the back of lower than her armpit. the 2 bandits nonetheless pursued. professional outlaws, they didn’t bumble down the corridor’s heart, yet slipped round the nook in unmarried dossier, silent as shadows. Their scimitars have been sheathed to maintain arms loose, yet now every one pulled a crook-bladed jambiya. the guy and girl break up, one jumping throughout to hug the opposite wall. Seeing their quarry down and suffering to upward thrust, they by no means spotted the wet-shiny ground yet introduced themselves sooner than Amber might get away. part skipping, the lady planted a sandal, felt it snag as though in tar, positioned down her different foot and fixed. wasting her stability, she jerked one foot from a trapped sandal, then slapped her naked sole at the magic glue and glued completely. the guy fared worse. Lunging, he stubbed either feet, caught, and crashed on elbows and knees. often his garments and dagger stuck, yet his left hand smacked so his palm held quick. Cursing, he yanked and tore dermis. soreness iced over him, then worry dawned as he learned his trouble. Amber jogged to capture Hakiim, yet he threw out an arm to dam her. forward, Reiver talked to a stranger at a torchlit intersection, or quite, listened. The thief slouched with slack arms. earlier than him stood a squat, virtually hunchbacked guy with rags strung throughout his shoulders and hips. His epidermis was once ruddy as a sundown, his nostril a sq. blob, his hair grizzled. He spoke low, so the chums couldn’t pay attention, yet familiarly, resting a grubby hand on Reiver’s shoulder. “Who’s that? ” requested Hakiim. “I’ve no idea,” acknowledged Amber. “Some thief Reiver is familiar with from city? ” “More like a ragpicker, and he couldn’t have walked the entire manner from Memnon. He’s obtained no waterskin … or anything. ” the 3 wayfarers have been hung like peddlers with packs and water baggage and guns, however the stunted guy had not anything. Amber peeked at the back of to determine if the White Flame’s cutthroats and requested Hakiim, “What shall we—” Reiver noticed them and waved a hand. “Hoy,” he known as, “come hither. ” Reluctantly, the 2 pals joined the thief. Reiver blinked owlishly, as though under the influence of alcohol, and grinned, “Meet my new buddy. ” “New? ” Amber wrinkled her pointed nostril. Up shut, the stranger stunk like a puppy kennel, rank because the ogres. He didn’t glance pleasant. Crooked enamel champed part to facet, and baleful brown eyes bored into Amber’s soul. “What’s his, uh, your friend’s identify? ” Hakiim hung again. “Name? ” Reiver goggled like an fool. “Uh, he doesn’t …” Amber came across herself staring, not able to tug her eyes from the stranger. The eyes grew larger, filling her imaginative and prescient, huge as wasteland suns pouring on her head, and simply as sizzling.

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