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In a sequence of playful and startling prose meditations, celebrated author Lorna Crozier brings her rapt consciousness to the small topic of loved ones items: every little thing from doorknobs, washing machines, rakes, and zips to the kitchen sink.

Operating as a type of literary detective, she examines the secret of the typical, looking the essence of every item. She bargains tantalizing glimpses of the household's population, too, probing hearts, brains, noses, and navels. Longing, exuberance, and grief colour her reflections, which now and then tackle the tenor of folktales or parables. all of the brief photos in The ebook of Marvels stands on my own, however the connections are tricky; as in existence, every one item profits that means from its juxtaposition with others. Crozier ways her investigations with a childlike interest, an grownup bemusement, and an unfailing experience of metaphor and mischief. With either attraction and mordant wit, she animates the panoply of wonders to be came across all over the place round us and within us.

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