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By Robert Bauval

Why did the ancients align their monuments so accurately with the celebs? What have been the sensible and symbolic purposes in the back of those mysterious configurations? From the writer of The Orion Mystery, the best-selling ebook that brought the progressive star-correlation conception concerning the Giza pyramids, The Egypt Code unearths an awesome Grand Unified Plan at the back of the mythical temples of higher Egypt.

Robert Bauval, one of many world's so much favorite and debatable Egyptologists, completes his groundbreaking research of astronomy as on the topic of Egyptian monuments and similar spiritual texts. The Egypt Code revisits the Pyramid Age and the previous state, presenting an enormous sky-ground correlation for the Memphite-Heliopolis zone, and featuring the potential of a grand plan spanning 3 thousand years of Pharaonic civilization and regarding pyramids and significant temple websites alongside the Nile.

The primary proposal of the ebook is that the cosmic order, which the ancients often called "Maat," used to be constructed from the observable cycles of the solar and stars, particularly the famous person Sirius, and that the alterations that happened a result of precession of the equinoxes and the so-called Sothic Cycle are mirrored within the orientation and placement of spiritual sites.

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Therefore we discover that the Pharaohs have been divine; managed the actions of the sky; stored their humans in well-being; hoed the floor; reaped the harvest; performed a rite for the fertility of the fields, and anxious themselves with the outlet of the dykes for the inundation . . . The Pharaohs have been in reality fertility-kings, upon whose wellbeing and fitness and correct observance of the rites the well-being and wealth of the rustic depended . . . seventy six additional facts that the Step Pyramid complicated used to be intended to function an everlasting heb-sed centre is equipped via the king’s flats lower than the pyramid and likewise by way of the so-called South Tomb subsequent to the Step Pyramid. the following there are reliefs that express King Djoser appearing the ritual race. based on Egyptologist Donald Redford the heb-sed ‘complex took at the personality of a microcosm of Egypt itself . . . the symbolism is obvious: the racecourse is Egypt’. seventy seven it sounds as if through the race - which used to be run 4 instances round the open courtyard - the king made quite a few proclamations evoking his reference to the gods of Egypt, certainly one of which was once ‘I have undergone the land and touched its 4 sides’. The ‘four facets’ are, most likely, the 4 cardinal issues of the compass. An inscription additionally states that the king ‘runs crossing the sea (the sky) and the 4 aspects of heaven, going so far as the rays of the solar disc, passing over the earth’. seventy eight an analogous ‘four aspects of heaven’ also are evoked whilst the king is made to shoot 4 arrows in the direction of the 4 cardinal issues of the compass. seventy nine in accordance with Greg Reeder, the editor of KMT magazine,80 paired glyphs that seem like swinging doorways, yet are literally the 2 halves of the sky, are frequently proven in direct organization with the 3 cairn-shaped glyphs which establish the territorial markers which the king rounded in the course of his run-of-the-field occasion of the Heb-sed. therefore the celebrant not just traversed the sector (i. e. Egypt) in a public rite but additionally traversed the heavens in, understandably, a much less public shape. In aid of this sky-ground correlation of the heb-sed rituals, Reeder charges from the Pyramid Texts: ‘the king has long gone around the whole skies, he has circumambulated the 2 Banks. ’ Reeder additionally sees the king’s assimilation to the god Horus as a part of the ritual, as indicated in one other passage of the Pyramid Texts: ‘O King, loose path is given to you by way of Horus, you flash because the lone superstar in the course of the sky, you've gotten grown wings as a great-breasted falcon, as a hawk visible within the night traversing the sky. may perhaps you pass the firmament by means of the waterway of Ra-Horakhti. ’ the entire above implies, if no longer confirms, that the heb-sed used to be mostly an occasion that came about in a symbolic panorama, a type of cosmic atmosphere within which the king tracked the circuit of the sun-god Ra-Horakhti, Ra-Horus-of-the-Horizon. The sun’s circuit is, in fact, its annual cycle round the ecliptic in 365¼ days. this means that the circuit of the racecourse in the course of the heb-sed was once not directly calendrical.

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