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By Richard Lee Byers

Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon have succeeded in rescuing Tchazzar, the misplaced king of Chessenta and a powerful pink dragon, and are rewarded with a freelance to help in his battle with a robust dracolich. however the extra Aoth sees of the struggle, the extra suspicious he turns into that the Brotherhood might be only a pawn in a cutthroat draconic video game that places entire kingdoms at risk--a video game performed for stakes of gold and blood. And the extra he sees the sport play out, the extra he realizes that he'll need to turn into a participant during this most threatening of video games if he desires the nation-states to stay loose.

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Possibly in the event you had catapults, yet I flew over, and that i comprehend you don’t. ” The medusa scowled. “This one time, you've got my permission to go. ” “Good,” stated Aoth. “Thank you. yet don’t surrender on making a few coin simply but. i'm prepared to pay for info concerning the region round the previous Man’s Head. ” The bandit chieftain smiled a snide kind of smile. “Do you have got company with the grey wyrm? ” “Well, I’m definitely drawn to listening to all approximately him. ” “Then it will likely be my excitement that can assist you locate him. only if the cost is true. ” “How does ten gold—” anything overhead made a thumping sound. Aoth appeared up. one of many orcs at the battlements had an arrow protruding of his chest. He tottered and pitched backward out of sight. on the related speedy, Jet spoke brain to brain, now not with language yet fairly a wordless urging to appear backpedal. As Aoth did, the medusa and his bodyguards entire snatching their scimitars from their scabbards. Jet crouched, then, with a snap of his wings, sprang to rip the threatening creatures aside. The medusa hissed, hunched ahead, and glared. The griffon jerked in mid-leap, and a vicarious spasm of discomfort and nausea knotted Aoth’s insides. regardless of the attack, Jet slammed down on one orc and pierced him together with his talons. however the different bodyguard jumped transparent, then got here at the assault. Shaking and seeing double, the widespread ducked an preliminary sword lower. Aoth couldn’t visit his relief. He had his personal adversary. The medusa lunged and slashed at his throat. Gripping his spear with either hands—he’d left his targe in the back of so he may deal with the cursed tree branch—Aoth parried, then riposted with a thrust to the center. The medusa sidestepped and made it glance effortless. perhaps for him it used to be. As they traded assaults, Aoth saw how low-priced and designated his adversary’s activities have been and the way he consistently again to an ideal defend after even the fiercest trade. The creature was once as adept with a scimitar as Khouryn was once with an awl or Gaedynn, with a bow. And the toxic energy of a medusa’s gaze stabbed at Aoth at any time when the exigencies of the duel obliged him to seem his foe within the face. up to now it used to be generating basically twinges of headache, however it used to be guaranteed to holiday via his defenses ultimately. Judging that he had to end the war of words speedy, he retreated correct off the fairly flat house the place the outdated citadel sat and again onto the slope. He slid back, and swayed as he struggled to maintain his stability. yet he’d received the gap and time he had to rattle off rhyming phrases of strength. The medusa rushed him and minimize at his head. Aoth blocked and because the guns banged jointly, the facility with which he’d infused the spear discharged itself with a shriek and a flash. The scimitar snapped into numerous items. nonetheless evident, the medusa retreated, dropped the hilt of his ruined sword, and snatched for a dagger. Aoth scrambled upward and thrust the spear among the creature’s ribs. simply as he jerked it out back, an arrow streaked down and glued within the flooring beside his foot.

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