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By Ed Greenwood

How do you tempt an archmage who has every thing?
From a gloomy and dusty tomb, Elminster emerges, looking the counsel of Mystra, and reveals in basic terms silence. he's drawn into the clutches of the mysterious and sinister girl of Shadows. the trail he is taking will result in a Realms-shaking war of words the place Elminster has to take advantage of very important selection of his lengthy lifestyles.
Whatever he comes to a decision, the nation-states might be eternally replaced . . .

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Thrusting via half-cloaks and robes, she drew in a deep, tremulous breath, enable it out in a sigh, and laid her arms on her such a lot inner most of coffers, at the excessive, hidden shelf correct the place she’d left it. The maids had left a unmarried hooded lamp lit at the marble-topped facet desk; the needle-slim dagger stuck and flashed again its faint mild as she drew it forth, checked out it nearly casually for a second, then became it in her hand to threat her personal breast. “Esbre,” she instructed the darkness in a whisper, as she drew again her hand for the stroke that will take her personal existence, “I’ll leave out you. Forgive me. ” “I already have,” stated a voice like chilly stone, within reach her ear. a well-recognized arm lashed out throughout her chest to intercept the wrist that held the dagger. Nasmaerae gave a bit startled scream and struggled wildly for a second, yet Lord Esbre’s bushy hand used to be as immovable as iron, but as mild as velvet because it encircled her wrist. His different hand plucked the dagger out of her seize and threw it away. It flashed around the room to be stuck deftly via one of many dozen or so guards who have been melting out from in the back of each tapestry and monitor within the room now, unhooding lanterns, lighting fixtures torches in wall sconces, and relocating grimly to bar any circulate she may make towards the door or to the cloth cabinet at the back of her. Nasmaerae stared into the eyes of her lord, nonetheless too surprised and dazed to talk, puzzling over while the typhoon of fury may come. The Mantimera’s eyes blazed via a mist of tears, burning into her, yet his lips moved slowly and accurately as he requested in tones of quiet puzzlement, “Self-slaying is the reply to inaccurate sorcery? You had an outstanding explanation for putting me in a spell-thrall? ” Nasmaerae opened her mouth to plead, to spill forth determined lies, to protest that her deeds were misunderstood, yet all that got here out used to be a torrent of tears. She threw herself opposed to him and attempted to visit her knees, yet a robust hand on her hip held her upright. whilst she may shape phrases during the sobs, it used to be to beg his forgiveness and supply herself for any punishment he deemed becoming, and to— He stilled her phrases with an organization finger laid throughout her lips and stated grimly, “We’ll converse not more of what you may have performed. You shall by no means enthrall me or a person else back. ” “I—believe me, my Lord, i might never—” “You can’t, no matter what you'll come to hope. This i do know. in order that others can also realize it, you shall attempt to position me in thrall again—now. ” Nasmaerae stared at him. “I—no! No, Esbre, I dare now not! I—” “Lady,” the Mantimera instructed her grimly, “I am uttering a command, no longer affording you a decision. ” He made a gesture regarding 3 of his palms; throughout her, swords grated out of scabbards. the girl Felmorel darted glances approximately. She used to be ringed with drawn metal, the pointy, darkish issues of well-used struggle swords menacing her on both sides. She observed a white-faced Glavyn above one in every of them, trusty outdated Errart staring grimly at her over one other. Then she whirled away, hiding her face in her fingers.

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