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By Cleanth Brooks

A vintage that has been conventional by means of numerous generations, this booklet comprises particular commentaries on ten well-known English poems from the Elizabethan interval to the current. Index.

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For the current will probably be larger to think about the extra de­ velopment which the metaphors obtain within the subsequent stanza. The association of the 3 circumstances is extra refined than it will probably at fi rst look look. The "prose-sense," in fact, is obvious sufficient : a village-Hampden is a Hampden in petto; a mute Milton, a guy with the poten tialities of a Milton with no Mil­ ton's success; and the Cromwell of the case, one that had the possibilities of a Cromwell yet who didn't notice Crom­ well's crimes. however the stanza indicates even more, and qualifies the prose-sense enormously. As we now have already remarked, the 3 names quite shape a truly cunningly contrived scale. We simply settle for the "village-Hampden," for his case is proved, and the comparability invol ved is a slightly visible one. He protests opposed to tyranny, and therefore is a petty Hampden, a "village" Hampden . We settle for it the extra with no trouble as the implication that the vil lage-Hampden may need, had destiny positioned him on a bigger 1 04 The good Wreutht Unt level, been Hampden himself, isn't really pressed. yet our settle for­ ance of this example incorporates over to the following the place it could possibly support to safe conviction for the declare that the "mute inglorious Milton" may perhaps potentially have accomplished Milton's glory had "Chill Penury" no longer "repress'd" his "noble rage"-though the following there isn't any achievement-merely capability fulfillment, to be authorized on religion. The Cromwell instance is, after all, the boldest merchandise and makes such a lot call for upon our popularity. right here now not even potentiality is under pressure, yet particularly the damaging virtues, the liberty from the Cromwellian crimes. we're requested to simply accept the truth that "the guiltless Cromwell" may have discovered the virtues as the nonrealization of the crimes is proved. The final line is going directly to recommend the basically ironical obser­ vation that there could be no actual Cromwell with no blood-guilt. This final element is particularly pertinent to the argument which the next stanzas make: that the village Hampdens and Crom­ wells, had now not "Their lot forbad," may well good have indulged within the worst of "heroic" crimes-waded via slaughter to a throne-or, that the mute inglorious Miltons may need com­ mitted the worst of creative sins-might have heaped . . . the shrine of luxurious and delight With incense kindled on the Muse's flame • .. it truly is actual, in fact, that the speaker d'oes no longer insist that this may were the inevitable path that they need to have taken had no longer their "lot forbad. " The speaker has admitted that they possessed "growing virtues" to be "circumscrib'd" in addition to "crimes" to be "confin'd. " but the implied judgment is se­ verely lifelike: a number of the "rude Forefathers" may have led to cruelty and empty vainness had they "leam'd to stray" into the "paths of glory. " the trails of glory lead yet to the grave, yet so does the trail alongside which the "plowman domestic­ ward plods his weary approach. " The graves are diversified, as we've seen. yet either are graves-the truth of loss of life can't be glossed CiNy'1 Shlried Urn 1 05 over-this i s th e topic o n which Gray's irony exerts its strength: no longer at the sentimental topic which might attempt to make of the plowman's "narrow phone" whatever lower than a grave.

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