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Descend into the depths of the world!

No realm within the D&D® global stirs the mind's eye just like the Underdark. This massive subterranean area holds hundreds of thousands of event probabilities and myriad threats, together with drow, brain flayers, dragons, and worse! complete campaigns can spread in its depths, and its rewards are boundless.

Underdark™ comprises every thing a Dungeon grasp must run adventures or campaigns set within the colossal underworld of his or her D&D crusade, together with new monsters and dangers, ready-to-play encounters, monster lairs, and precise info on a number of dark-dwelling “movers and shakers.”

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Stuck in site visitors. Trapped in a cubicle. caught in a rut.   knotted up in crimson tape.
within the genuine international, occasionally you are feeling powerless—but now not in Dungeons & Dragons (D & D). during this fantasy-adventure, you may have every kind of distinct powers. you could slay the evil dragon, conquer the orc or the ogre, hang-out the werewolf, and conquer sinister trolls. You enterprise into unusual nation-states, come upon unfamiliar beings, and use magical powers. Your personality grows and develops with each event.
With this consultant, you could research the bits and bobs of D & D and begin taking part in right now. Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies offers rookies the fundamentals of the advanced video game and is helping skilled avid gamers fine-tune their roleplaying. It courses you thru: * developing your personality (a robust fighter, a sneaky rogue, a artful sorcerer, or a charismatic cleric), and personality development * The races: people, dwarves, elves, and halflings * the kinds of personality activities: assault rolls, ability money, and skill exams * The 6 talents: power, dexterity, structure, intelligence, knowledge, air of mystery * Feat standards and kinds * taking part in the sport, together with relocating in strive against, attacking with a weapon (melee assaults or ranged attacks), and harm and loss of life * identifying talents, armor, guns, and kit * selecting spells in case your personality is a sorcerer or domain names for a cleric * development come across or strive against ideas and utilizing complicated strategies * Maximizing your character’s energy with the purchase of the perfect magic goods: armor, guns, potion, scroll, ring, wand, employees, rod, plus wondrous goods * D & D online game etiquette * changing into a Dungeon grasp
There’s even a pattern play consultation that walks you thru general play, will get you cozy utilizing the conflict grid and personality markers, allows you to try participant characters opposed to one another and opposed to monsters, and indicates you the way so as to add tale parts to create an experience. Produced in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, written through D & D video game designers, and complete with a conflict grid, a pattern dungeon map, and a thesaurus, this consultant fingers you with the data to create and equip a personality and empowers you to go into the desirable, attention-grabbing international of D & D.

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"Elminster's DoomIt was once the eve of the Time of issues. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faerûn was once nonetheless to return. The gods have been approximately to be summoned to a reckoning, and between them was once Mystra, goddess of all magic. She knew it was once most likely she, besides the opposite gods, used to be approximately to be stripped of godhood.

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If the subject ofa rival can by some means be dropped at a beholder's recognition, rage is frequently the speedy outcome. regardless of the beholders' lack of ability to compromise, the Deeps include such lousy wonders as beholder hive towns, whose visual appeal can fluctuate among tangled underground mazes of curved tunnels carved through disintegration rays to towns of alien, rounded architec­ ture that count from the ceiling ofgreat Underdark caverns. The beholders that stay in those hives tol­ erate every one other's presence. a few impression, even if of a extra strong grasp or a few restraining fea­ ture of the realm itself, retains those creatures in money. such a lot heholders are encollntered as lone creatures, . probably followed through lesser eyes of flame or different servitor creatures. A humanoid mastermind or felony lord can be reluctant to bare his or her identification, yet a beholder's ego guarantees that those that face a beholder-organized plot want in basic terms pierce a number of layers of subterfuge prior to they arrive nose to nose with the many-eyed ringleader. BEHOLDER VENGEANCE Leve1 20 come upon (XP 15,000) After the destruction ofits lair hy brain flayers , this beholder has determined to rid the Underdark of as many illithids as attainable. It presently hunts with a number of grirnlock minions that served the final brain flayer it slew. • 1 beholder eye tyrant (level 19 solo artillery, ]'\tINI 32) • 6 grimlock thugs (level 18 minion brute, web page one hundred forty five) DROW: darkish AND lethal regardless of the possibly better hazard posed through abo­ leths. beholders, and brain flayers , drow may perhaps good be the main infamous of the entire Underdark races_ Drow society is infamously chilly, conspiratorial , and relentlessly antagonistic even to its highest-status members_ The prestige of a person is outlined by means of her skill to impose her will on others_ Drow associations function as strict hierarchies_The such a lot primary of those are the temple of Lolth, the extended family condominium, and the armed forces unit. Drow attempt to strengthen their positions_They undermine superiors, betray comrades, and overwhelm these not as good as them_ ache and pain are omnipresent even if a person drow takes excitement in inflict­ ing soreness. she makes use of it unquestioningly as a device of first inn. Acts of cruelty are casually undertaken. each interplay performs out as a dominance problem. The robust get what they take; the vulnerable obtain the drub­ bing they deserve. one of the drow, simply the really mad consider no para­ noia. those that fail to monitor their backs quickly locate them packed with knives. DROW PATROLS Even good outdoor their very own geographical regions. drow take pains to exterminate outsiders from the outside international. They see such patrols as a type of"housekeeping" responsibility they practice on behalf in their drow matrons. more often than not, such patrols are deSigned only to proceed exhibiting forth the drow's cruel and cruelty, and to maintain all creatures that come upon the drow good apprised of that truth. each nice whereas, a drow patrol comes throughout a real risk to drow dominance. If the patrol is eradicated, the failure ofthat unit to file again in a well timed demeanour nonetheless communicates a mes­ sage again to the drow who prepared the patrol: a strong risk to drow is within the region, so be cautious.

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