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By Christie Golden

Jander Sunstar, an elven vampire from the Forgotten nation-states international, is pulled into the newly shaped darkish realm of Ravenloft and forges an alliance with the land's strongest inhabitant--Count Strahd Von Zarovich, himself a newly risen vampire. yet as Jander teaches the count number the finer issues of being undead, he learns that he's tutoring the fellow that drove his misplaced love insane!

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Smiling, Sergei unwrapped the current. It was once a small dagger, its hilt adorned with pink, black, and gold. The sheath used to be a wierd type of leather-based, of a unusual color, Sergei glanced up at Strahd, pressured. "I see you understand it," Strahd acknowledged, "the time-honoured weapon of the Ba'al Verzi murderer. The sheath is made up of human pores and skin, frequently from the weapon's first sufferer. The carvings at the hilt are runes of energy. " Sergei's face registered surprise. flippantly the count number took the weapon and pretended to envision it. He drew it gingerly; the blade was once vibrant and flashed candlelight. "Legend has it that it really is undesirable success to attract the dagger except you could provide it blood. i am ordinarily no longer superstitious, yet i believe this time it is greater not to tempt destiny. do not you settle? " earlier than Sergei may well react, Strahd plunged the blade into his brother's center. pink fountained onto the murderer's hand. He met Sergei's ultimate, wondering gaze with a savage pleasure. harassed to the final, the younger guy died and not using a sound. He collapsed limply into Strahd's hands. operating fast, the count number laid the physique out at the ground. simply because the entity had demanded, Strahd withdrew the knife. He gazed on the glossy red at the lengthy blade and took a deep breath. Bringing the bloody knife to his mouth, he licked it fresh, scuffling with the nausea that welled up within him. He grimaced, then tore open his brother's uniform and white cotton blouse, exposing the small wound that also pumped vivid blood. Drink of the blood, first from the tool after which the chalice, the entity had informed him. Strahd knelt beside the still-warm corpse of his favorite brother, positioned his lips at the wound and drank. He choked, coughing and gagging, and misplaced a number of the useful fluid. Anger at his weak spot flooded him. Exerting the self-discipline that had made him a veteran warrior, he ordered his physique to proceed. Strahd sucked on the lips of the wound, pulling extra coppery-tasting blood down his throat, till, imperceptibly, the motion turned more uncomplicated. After a second, he started to enjoy the style. power stuffed him. unexpectedly he turned conscious of the feel of Sergei's superb garments underneath newly delicate hands. He may possibly odor the blood and sweat on his brother's physique. He heard the voices of the opposite visitors, although they have been many rooms away. On a whim, Strahd picked up Sergei's physique with one hand, just because he may possibly. This was once wonderful! He laughed aloud and dropped the corpse carelessly. It sprawled, and suddenly Strahd realised what had occurred. The count number started to tremble, and he knelt by way of his brother's physique, touching the light, nonetheless face lightly. He accumulated the corpse in his hands, and while he cried out loudly, his grief used to be unfeigned. "Damn you, Sergei, rattling you. this is often your personal fault! you were not imagined to marry! You have been the youngest son, you have been purported to were a priest... Why did not you simply do what you'll been born to do? " Strahd's robust arms have been knotted in Sergei's thick, curly hair, his flushed cheek pressed opposed to his brother's light one.

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