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By Diana Solomon

Women and Comedy: historical past, idea, Practice offers the most up-tp-date foreign scholarship at the complexity and subversive capability of women’s comedic speech, literature, and function. past comedy theorists resembling Freud and Bergson didn't envision ladies as both the brokers or audiences of comedy, simply as its pursuits. simply extra lately have scholarly stories of comedy began to acknowledge and historicize women’s contributions to—and political makes use of of—comedy. The essays gathered the following reveal the breadth of present scholarship on gender and comedy, spanning centuries of literature and a variety of methodologies.
Through a reconsideration of literary, theatrical, and mass media texts from the Classical interval to the current, Women and Comedy: background, thought, Practice responds to the historic marginalization and/or trivialization of either girls and comedy. The essays gathered during this quantity assert the significance of spotting the function of girls and comedy which will comprehend those texts, their ancient contexts, and their probabilities and bounds as versions for social engagement. within the spirit of comedy itself, those analyses enable for possibilities to problem and reevaluate the theoretical ways themselves.

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